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"Oh people of al-Andalus, how great joy of yours! You have water, shadow, rivers and trees; eternal Paradise is not but in your dwellings and if I ought to choose, this one would be."

Ibn Jafaya, poeta andalusí (1059-60 - 1139)

Civilisations birthplace and meeting point along History, Andalusia is also the holder of the cultural and patrimonial legacy of al-Andalus. In the Arabian-Moslem presence period an extraordinary cultural exchange between East and West took place, its traces are still present in this region’s everyday life.

Reflections of such splendour can be seen in their legacy, in monuments as singular as the Córdoba’s Mosque, Sevilla’s Giralda or Granada’s Alhambra, universal examples of the artistic, monumental, and historic legacy of al-Andalus. This Legacy is still alive also in the cuisine, the landscapes, and in the sense of the hospitality Andalusian people give the visitors. Al-Andalus echoes still remain strongly impressed on the urban and rural landscapes, and invite the traveller to penetrate into one of the regions where the weight of the History still radiates beauty and the contact with the Past, which opens its doors to us wanting to be lived.

Discover Andalusia, you will be welcome.