Health Care


We recommend you get informed through your Health Care National Agency about the requirements in force in Spain before your trip. Nevertheless, we will summarize some important issues.

In order to receive health care both in Andalusia and in Spain, tourists from countries members of the European Union and countries with European regulations (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) will need the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

This card is not valid if you are travelling in order to receive a specific medical treatment.

If during your stay in Andalusia/Spain you needed haemodialysis or any another specific treatment, you will have to fill in the E-112 form, besides being properly authorized by your country’s Health authority or institution.

If you forgot your European Health Insurance Card, you will have to pay for hospital, pharmaceutical, and medical expenses in advance; you may request your health provider agency the reimbursement of the expenses, after providing the appropriate receipts/invoices.

If the European Health Insurance Card is not operating in your country yet, you should travel with the document appointed by your country as valid for such purpose. In Andalusia/Spain dental treatment is not covered by Public Health Entities, only urgent extractions; repatriation due to illness is not considered, either.

Privately managed hospital and clinics in Andalusia/Spain do not accept the European Health Insurance Card so if you desired to receive care there, you should pay the expenses yourself or hire an insurance to cover your health care.

You will need special documentation if you came from the following countries: Andorra, Brazil, Chile, Equator, Paraguay and Peru; these documents will be required in order you got health care in Andalusia/Spain.

If you forgot or missed such certificate, you will have to pay the expenses in advance. These expenses will be reimbursed to you by your health insurance agency after providing the corresponding receipts and invoices.

If you came from a different country to those above mentioned, you will have to pay for your health care, so it would be recommendable to hire a medical insurance for your travel and stay.

It is the doctor who prescribes the treatment to patients and medicines may be purchased at the chemist’s shops, easily spotted thanks to their symbol: a green cross on a white field.